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Queer and Trans Voices: Acheiving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression


A collection of essays from that together form introspective look on how to properly incorporate animal liberation into revolutionary frameworks. 


Every book sold helps fund inclusive vegan and animal rights projects. Check out the pulishers Sanctuary Publishers for more information and other available books.

Queer + Trans Voices (Pre-Order)

  • What does it mean to work towards our liberation?

    How can we center and make space for ourselves and others?

    How is nonhuman animal liberation part of our own fight for queer rights?

    With a focus on building bridges between movements and dismantling hierarchies between oppressed groups through consistent anti-oppression, Queer and Trans Voices: Achieving Liberation Through Consistent Anti-Oppression, follows the concise and to-the-point style of resource activist and author Julia Feliz Brueck. In this volume, Feliz Brueck and queering activist-scholar Zoie (Zane) McNeill collaborate to raise the voices of LGBTQIA+ vegans across the world working to acknowledge the interconnections between social justice groups in order to consistently and effectively achieve liberation for all.


    This is An LGBTQIA+ Vegan Community Project 

    Edited by J. Feliz Brueck & Z. McNeill 

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