In order to help end animal oppression, we must first rise up and take action!

As activists ourselves we believe that it is so important to unite together and make change.

HeartCure not only creates designs that will help do this but we support a number of activism groups and events.

Read below to find out some of the ways we are working for total animal liberation!


the official animal rights march

This August, the day will come again that we will march for the animals in London. For the 4th year running Surge are organizing this incredible march and also working hard to make it a global event with marches all over the world!

We're proud to be supporting their amazing work and will also be releasing Official T-Shirts to support the day. Click below to go to their website and find out more.

world day for animals in labs

On the 28th of April we joined hundreds of others in speaking up to share the struggles and suffering of animals used in experiments.

 It was also the day we launched our collaboration with Animal Justice Project. 50% of the profits from this range will support their amazing work for animals in labs!


Sheffield Animal save

We have been personally attending vigils since late 2016 and found them to be such a powerful experience. In early 2017 we worked to set up Sheffield Animal Save and now organise weekly vigils for the group.

The Save Movement is a global grass roots organisation, in which activists bear witness to animals heading to slaughter. We capture footage, placard the streets to the public and say goodbye to the animals.

If you would like to know more about The Save Movement or find a group near you click below.



HeartCure Collective was a vegan social center based in Sheffield UK. A hub for all to come and learn more about veganism, activism, and environmental issues.

Inside was a cafe, library, stage, kids area, zero-waste store, ethical clothing store and more!

Unfortunately the space is now closed but we're so grateful for what we created whilst we were open!

HeartCure 2020 | powered by activism 📣

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