One of the many ways our current society's habits are destroying our beautiful planet is by the waste we are creating. The current way of living is things are made, used then disposed of. Even if clothes are donated, as little as 10-30% of these are actually sold on. We believe the future is with a circular economy, by not only consuming consciously but by regenerating products at the end of their use!


We're working on multiple ways to both lessen the

impact of our clothing and extend it's life.

current fashion industrymodel

make    ->   print    ->   sell to customer   ->   wear    ->   dispose

NEW circular MODEL

sell to you

Shop pre-loved clothing and also trade in your own HeartCure clothes for credit in our store!

Send us your own t-shirt/hoodie and we'll print on it for you! Save money and update something you already own!

We've made it easier to shop our recycled items! Use this page to find all of our items made from repurposed and recycled materials.

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