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Octobers book

Aphro-ism by Aph Ko and Syl Ko

Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism and Black Veganism from Two Sisters

In this lively, accessible, and provocative collection, Aph and Syl Ko provide new theoretical frameworks on race, advocacy for nonhuman animals, and feminism. Using popular culture as a point of reference for their critiques, the Ko sisters engage in a groundbreaking analysis of the compartmentalized nature of contemporary social movements, present new ways of understanding interconnected oppressions, and offer conceptual ways of moving forward expressive of Afrofuturism and black veganism.

We're super excited to announce our new monthly online book club! 

With everything going on we wanted to create an opportunity for us to connect and explore new topics together. If you followed our Vegan Social Centre - HeartCure Collective - we used to run our Book Club there, so we're super excited to release this online version!


Aphro-ism by Aph Ko and Syl Ko

How can I read it?

This month's book is available for purchase on our store.

If you are unable to purchase due to financial reasons let us know.


Or request this book from your local library and ask your friends to share copies!

When do I need to finish by?

Take your time! We'll be doing one book per month to give everyone time to access the book and read it at their own pace. The live IG discussion will take place on Wednesday 26th October at 7pm GMT.

When will we discuss and choose the next book?

Votes will take place on our Instagram account, check the Book Club highlight for details. At the end of the month, suggestions will be released for people to vote on and we will start the next book. 

You can discuss the book as you read below on our new forum and join us at the end of the month to discuss the book live. Check on our instagram throughout the month for prompts and questions as you read.

Discuss while you read!

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