When we set out to create HeartCure we prioritised creating clothing that caused the least amount of harm to both human and non-human animals. That's why we have used Fair Wear Certified garments and continue to investigate and research into the best ways we can create ethical clothing.

Who made your clothes?

Fashion Revolution began as an answer to the global fashion industries disregard for the health and wellbeing of the people involved in the production of clothing and the impact on the planet.

We're proud to support this campaign and pictured here are some of the wonderful humans involved in creating the HeartCure clothes you see on our site.

Read more about Fashion Revolution here!

Transparency is key

We believe that in order for you to understand and trust exactly how your clothes are made that transparency is important. To create the clothes you see on our site there are many people involved.


We use different suppliers to provide us with blank garments then use a local printer to embroider and screen print the final products! All our clothes are printed with water based inks which are far less harmful than the standard used plastisol inks that contain PVC.

Cotton Plant
fair Wear foundation

Fair Wear Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that aims to help create a equal and fair fashion industry that puts people over profit.

They work with suppliers and carry out yearly checks to make sure that they are upholding high standards in everything from wages, gender equality to supporting worker empowerment. 

The suppliers we work with are Fair Wear Foundation certified and you can find all the reports on their conditions here.

Meet the team

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